Our Story

Our Story

ForAnything.com began with the founding of Coins For Anything in 2002.  While serving in the United States Marine Corps, Jeff Morin embarked on a venture of reselling military challenge coins online.  He received a request for a Mother of Marine coin—which did not exist on the market at that time—but through extensive, diligent research, Jeff was able to design and produce the requested coin.  The response to the coin was an overwhelming success, and the business—with a new focus on creating custom coins—Coins For Anything was born! 

In 2005, Jeff developed several sister companies that offered custom awards, pins, and lanyards.  With the help of fellow Marine Corps veteran Chris Frederick, they expanded their offering to include custom signs, shirts, promotional products, and websites. Coins For Anything has placed several times on the Inc. 5000 list (2009-2012), and Jeff was also nominated by the Inc. 5000 to serve as a mentor at an entrepreneurial event for military veterans.  Awards For Anything received the ARA’s awards for International Best Website in 2012 and Large Business Retailer of the Year in 2013.  

Our network of sister companies work diligently to deliver custom products—even if it’s outside of our standard offering—to businesses and organization large and small.  We would be delighted to provide your organization with whatever customized products you need!






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