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Quick Overview

  • Hand tooled, hand painted, & 0.5mm thicker than the industry standard

  • Amazing detail and best 3D imagery in the business

  • Custom shapes & sizes available

Coins For Anything is a leading producer of custom coins and specializes in manufacturing small metal products.  Some of our most popular markets for custom coins are: military, corporate, dignitaries, wedding, and collectibles.  Not only are all of our coins are hand-tooled and hand-painted, but they are 0.5mm thicker than a standard collectible coin—allowing us to display the sharpest 3-D imagery in the industry! Our commitment to delivering superior products with excellent customer service has helped us to become a four-time Inc. 5000 winner. 

How do challenge coins fit into your business?


Connect with Your Audience


Marketing Tools


Employee Recognition

Challenge coins have a long history with military, law enforcement and fire units. Many corporations who sell to and/or employ active or former members of these groups are nding coins a great way to connect a respected tradition to a positive corporate relationship.

Coins For Anything is a seasoned veteran in helping large companies – such as Target, Starbucks, and Walmart – as well as smaller businesses, cultivate a culture with coins.


Most people will quickly throw away a paper business card, but are hesitant to throw away a beautifully designed coin. Handing out coins at tradeshows and events is a unique way to appeal to potential customers.

Offering coins as part of a company’s loyalty program is also an effective strategy. Coins are more durable than the traditional plastic cards or coupons, so patrons can proudly display them. Customers can even be rewarded with special discounts and services. Plus, coins can even be reused, which is great for the environment and the business.


Many companies are using coins as incentives for employee appreciation and achievements. Not only does this recognize the hard work of employees, but also helps workplace productivity and growth.

Company coins can be embedded into awards and other recognition pieces, or be a stand-alone pier of recognition.

Additionally, promoting a safe work environment is essential for every company, and many businesses are using coins to get safety messages across. Some companies provide employees with coins when certain safety benchmarks are reached.


Mack Trucks Coin Anheuser-Busch Custom Coin Goodyear Custom Coin


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The coins you create can be a valuable marketing tool so showcase your pride in your organization. You can give them out as awards, thank you tokens, wedding favors, baby announcements, and more! Your Die Molds are kept on a file for up to three years so re-ordering is quick and easy. We also go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every order. Send us your picture, logo, slogan, or simply an idea and get started today!


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